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Solar Panel in Saudi Arabia

Solar energy is the natural, abundant and renewable source of energy in the world. Power n Sun is a global leader in empowering solar solutions that accelerate and promote a sustainable, equitable, and energy-efficient world. We have been serving renewable energy sectors for significant years. We are proud to say that we have a trusted name for the leading solar panel in Saudi Arabia in this sustainable energy field.

We believe in environmentally friendly solutions and aim to do our best for the zero-carbon future. If you are new to the renewable world, looking for a reliable provider for solar panels, Power n Sun is the right place for solar panels in Saudi Arabia to explore the solar world.

We make difference in a niche with our various types of solar panels

With a dramatic decline in the rates and increased awareness of people towards moving solar, solar panels are becoming cost-effective than ever before.  Moreover, as these solar PV systems come with a 25-year power production warranty and have a lifespan of more than 50 years, investing in solar panels is making the transformation an attractive choice.

When it comes to solar panel prices in Saudi Arabia, we have competitive deals and different types of panels. Simply browse our product catalog and choose the one that best suits your needs and savings.

For those who are ready to install solar panels on their rooftop, here is essential information from a reputed provider of solar panels in Saudi Arabia. Do you know the solar panel type you choose is the major determining factor for its great outcomes? Yes, hence we thought it is important to bring to your notice the various solar panels offered at Power n Sun. 


The typical appearance of monocrystalline solar panels is usually dark or black in color. The reason behind the dark appearance of these panels is the way that the sunlight interacts with the solar panel material. Monocrystalline is the most common type of solar panel and they are highly reliable and energy-efficient. Monocrystalline solar panels are made from the purest monocrystalline silicon and they can be best distinguished by their rounded edges and dark color nature. The Monocrystalline solar panel in Saudi Arabia that we deal with generally has solar cells which are not perfectly square and they have cut-off corners. And we here want to convey to you the information that this “cutting corners” technique helps the flow of energy even and thus is more efficient.

Significant things about Monocrystalline solar panels

  • They are square-shaped, rounded-edged, corners removed panels with small gaps between each cell.
  • Most developed solar PV system
  • Occupy less space to produce the same amount of power when compared with other technologies.
  • Monocrystalline-type solar panel prices in Saudi Arabia are a little more expensive than others.
  • Have fewer impacts to high temperatures.


Polycrystalline panels are also the most common type of solar panels available in the market. But they are slightly less efficient compared to monocrystalline panels. The key characteristics that differentiate this type of solar panel are its rectangular shape, blue color, and speckled appearance. We could say that this Polycrystalline solar panel in Saudi Arabia in our catalog is a great choice when you are on a tight budget. The cause for the blue color and speckled exterior is due to the Sunlight which reflects the crystal fragments.

Some unique information about Polycrystalline solar panels

  • No gaps or spaces between the solar cells.
  • Able to perform slightly better in low light than monocrystalline type
  • Occupy more space to yield the same power output of a Monocrystalline type panel.
  • Carries a lower efficiency of about 15%, and has a shorter lifespan since it is not made up of pure silicone.
  • Expected to produce about 80% of the efficiency even after 25 years.

Mono PERC solar panel

PERC - Passivated Emitter Rear Cell solar panels have an extra layer added to the panels which means they can reduce the number of impurities or gaps within the cells. The addition of this extra layer makes solar cells more efficient. So, with Mono PERC solar panel in KSA, you are able to reap better solar energy.

PERC solar cells are a modified form of conventional solar PV systems. These types of panels are capable of producing an additional 6 to 12 percent energy when compared with other conventional solar panels. The extra layer that lies within the backside of the solar cell helps in reflecting back the rays of the sun into the solar cell. Thus you get better opportunities to be converted into energy.

Some info about Mono PERC solar panel

  • PERC panels come with the integration of front surface advanced passivation, back surface passivation, and anti-light-induced degradation technologies.
  • They have greater absorption rates and high internal reflectivity
  • If you would like to have reduced construction costs of solar panels and look for affordable solar panel prices in Saudi Arabia, then choosing improved efficiency panels is the feasible option.
  • Requires fewer panels to generate the same amount of electricity from other conventional panels.
  • At Power n Sun, we have high-performance PERC panels, where conventional metal strips are replaced with a powerful and flexible conductive adhesive. This lets the panels have better-withstanding temperature changes.

Measuring the power of solar panels in Saudi Arabia by wattage

It is a well-known fact that solar panel size is a predominant factor in determining the output, placement, and optimization of panels. Do you have a question about which solar panel size and power output are right for you? You know that the energy is measured in Watts. However, it is not a unit of energy, but it is a measure of power.

If you have been searching for the answer to how much a solar panel in Saudi Arabia can produce energy, the right answer for you depends on many aspects. This includes panels’ wattage, shading, area, and orientation. Say for instance, if a solar panel generates 100 watts in an hour, it means it has produced 100 watt-hours or 0.1 kWh.

Typically solar panels are rated based on the amount of energy they are able to produce. And, in general, the output of panels is characterized by watts. If you have been here to shop for a residential purpose solar panel system, the average range recommended is 200 to 350 watts. Usually, higher wattage solar panels are considered to have great ratings. Moreover, the solar panel price in Saudi Arabia that you have to pay for the system also depends on the wattage that you are going to choose. Have a look at different types of solar panels offered by Power n Sun based on the wattage:

  • 320-350
  • 360-400
  • 350
  • 360
  • 370
  • 390
  • 440,
  • 445
  • 490
  • 535
  • And 540 Watts.

You can see that with the different types of available solar panels, the wattage rating is the one that indicates how much energy that the panel produces per hour.

Working partners of Power n Sun for solar panel in Saudi Arabia

LONGi Solar is a world-class manufacturer of cost-effective and high efficient mono-silicon solar panels. This Chinese company is well-known as the fastest-growing solar manufacturer in the year 2016 and is also the largest manufacturer of mono silicon solar panels globally. Looking into the history of the company, it was established in the year 2000, and from the year 2007, it has become powerful with a massive production capacity of 100 tonnes of mono silicon production. This is sufficient enough to meet the energy requirement needs of one gigawatt of solar panels.

Product highlights from the brand

  • Reasonable high efficiencies range from 17.4% to 20.3%.
  • The solar panel in Saudi Arabia that we procure from LONGi is promised for production of at least 83.1% of their original output after 25 years and the PERC panels provide at 84.8%.
  • Solar panels carry a 25 Year Power Output Warranty and 10 Year Product Warranty over them.
  • Appreciated for long-term reliability and stay top of the line efficiency ratings
  • Module shipment of LONGi Solar is ranked top 4 in the world in 2018. And the mono module shipment from the company stayed No.1 in the world for the years between 2016 and 2018.

JA solar

JA Solar for our solar panel in Saudi Arabia boasted as a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency solar panels as well as a recognized leader in renewable energy technology. Founded in 2005 in Beijing, China, it's in 2007, JA solar was publicly listed on the US NASDAQ in its early growth phase. The amount that you capitalizing on

Solar panels of JA solar through Power n Sun is committed to providing you the best featured solar panel price in Saudi Arabia. These panels also deliver the clients with unparalleled conversion efficiency, production efficiency, and reliability, which means it’s certain that you receive maximized returns on your solar projects. 

Since the year of establishment in 2005, JA Solar has been shipping a huge amount of solar panels, which is more than anyone else in the world. It hasn’t received any reports related to financial distress till now. This is a good sign for a reputable company in the niche and hence we take pride to have this as one of our partners for solar panels in Saudi Arabia.

Key points related to the company

  • Two types of primary solar cell technologies have been incorporated in their solar panels - PERC and N-Type.
  • Most of the solar panels from JA Solar are approved by the Clean Energy Council.
  • The products form a wonderful pick for affordable mid-range panels for those who like to get from a company that has a strong reputation and financial backing.
  • JA Solar panels have an industry-standard warranty of 12 years and a 25-year warranty for linear performance.
  • JA Solar Panels from Power n Sun are guaranteed for at least 81.4% output at the 25-year benchmark.

Rec solar panels

Founded in 1996 in Norway, Rec solar panels could have emerged as a pioneer in the world of solar PV technology. The company has its main offices located in Hawaii and California. Recently, the company has come out with its Alpha series panels which feature high-performance heterojunction cells. This has brought the company to the fame of one of the world's best manufacturers. And hence is the reason Power n Sun has this company as its partner to serve top-class solar panels in Saudi Arabia to the clients.

REC has its headquarters located in Norway. Here they produce wafer, cell, and module production. The silicon production facilities of REC are in the United States and their operational headquarters are situated in Singapore. The company is a part of the Renewable Energy Corporation and also it is right to mention here that it is a Bluestar Elkem Company.

Why have we chosen REC for solar panels in Saudi Arabia?

  • Excellent quality design and adherence to manufacturing standards assures high-performance solar panels that have uncompromising quality.
  • The entry-level Twinpeak panels are great value for investment. They come with a 20-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty.
  • Most efficient solar panels are suitable for numerous project sizes, right from utility-scale to residential.
  • Designed to maximize recycling and tend to reduce environmental impact.
  • The AE Series and SCM range of panels from the REC guarantee 90% of rated power output even after 10 years. And it assures 80% of rated power output after 25 years. This means you will yield a good ROI for the solar panel price in Saudi Arabia.

LG solar

With 50 years of expertise in the industry of electronics technology, LG is also renowned for its efficient participation in helping the world to reap the power of the sun for the people. It was in 1985, LG first got into a solar energy source research program. This was possible with the vast experience of the company in the LCD, semiconductor, chemistry, and materials industries.

LG has developed core standard specifications for their solar panels. It has become an official test laboratory that is certified by TÜV Rheinland and Underwriters Laboratories. Boasted for its long history in manufacturing solar panels, LG is best appreciated as an industry leader and best performing and highest quality solar panel production in the world.

How LG’s solar panel in Saudi Arabia is a product that you can trust?

  • The NeON R series range of products from LG has significant refinements on their cell structure. This makes sure that the panels have the features of efficient, reliable, and easy-to-install products on the solar market today.
  • LG is a major manufacturer of high-performance IBC or Interdigitated Back Contact N-type cells.
  • Quality assurance in their products is a top priority for the brand.
  • The panels from LG undergo extensive tests which ensure guaranteed quality production. And this makes your choice of solar panel in Saudi Arabia from Power n Sun the great one.
  • Gives their panels a 25 years product warranty and 25 years linear power output warranty.

Solar panel price in Saudi Arabia

If you are considering investing in solar panels or just intend to know the price of solar panels, find out here how a solar panel cost is determined. The foremost step in calculating the cost of panels starts with estimating the size of panels needed.  On average, the residential installation ranges from 3 kW to 10 kW, however, this is approximate and the exact calculation is based on the area size, its location, and energy requirements.

If you look at solar solutions for residential purposes, then the average family needs fall into 11,000 kWh and this demands 26 to 33 solar panels for powering the entire house. Those regions where sunlight is low may require large systems to fulfill their 100% energy needs.

Determining the cost of panels for your requirements

The following inputs will help you to estimate the average spending and Solar panel price in Saudi Arabia.

  • In those areas where there are lots of spaces on the roof, then polycrystalline panels are a good choice as they are less expensive
  • Monocrystalline solar panels are more expensive than other panels. However, they have a good life span and offer great value for money.
  • If you have limited space, still like to gain the most from the solar panels; PERC solar panels are a great alternative.

Solar panel supplier in Saudi Arabia

By choosing Power n Sun for your need of solar panels in Saudi Arabia, you mean to get more efficient solar systems to power up your business or home. With so many options of solar panel suppliers out in the market, finding a reliable solution that makes you very confident about the purchase can be challenging. If you like to obtain the best deals from a reputed provider, Power n Sun is the right choice. Powering your business with solar systems is not going to be very tough if you partner with the right solutions. Thinking of solar? Let your journey be traveled together with Power n Sun.

Other solar products of Power n Sun India

If you are keen on investing in solar power systems, as a global leader we are ready to serve you with smart, innovative, and reliable solar solutions for sustainable living. Apart from the vision of catering to the demands of solar power with our solar panel in Saudi Arabia, we also deal with the below products.

  • Solar Inverters
  • Solar Inverter Accessories
  • Solar Micro Inverter and Optimizer
  • Solar Monitoring & Control Systems
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • PV Mounting System
  • Solar Cables
  • Solar PV Connector
  • Solar PV Connector
  • Energy Storage System

We believe in a cleaner, sustainable, less carbon, and environmental solutions. Hence we help people to thrive with the best solar system and products that will empower the renewable sector. As a provider of solar panels in Saudi Arabia, we stand with you to make a global power shift.

POWERnSUN Saudi Arabia design, supply and supervise solar projects in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia region. They are doing complete solar projects with complete solar components to maximize energy value with the least price. Powers is also known as the best solar panel supplier in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

PowernSun Saudi Arabia plan, supply and supervise several solar projects along with the provides solar installation like solar panelsolar inverterssolar monitoringsolar inverter accessoriesMicro Inverter and OptimizerFuel Save Controller,  Monitoring & Control SystemsSolar Charge ControllerSolar CablesPV Combiner Boxessolar PV ConnectorsCable Tray,  Energy Storage SystemSolar Street Light,  Solar Refrigerators & FreezersOnline & Line Interactive UPSWater Purifier with the main aim of increasing value and energy result at low cost.

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