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Solar Panel

Solar power – this abundantly available resource on earth has the power of serving the energy requirements of a nation. However, having efficient solar panels in place makes sure you reap the best out of this natural resource. Being an industry-leading solar panel in Saudi Arabia, PowernSun Saudi Arabia makes great efforts to deliver world-class quality solar PV modules. Of course, we always make sure we offer exceptional services and meet customer demands.

Our Solar panel brands

Looking to gain efficient energy from the sunshine? We have some top brands that are quite known all over the world. If you are ready to go solar, make the most of it through our best solar panel price in Saudi Arabia. Together with us, we are sure that our list of high-quality products from the below leading brands gives you vast savings.

Longi solar

PowernSun Saudi Arabia is pleased to have the tie-up with the world Tier 1 solar module manufacturer Longi solar to supply high-quality solar panel products. We are proud to say that our partner Longi has the highest AAA financial rating.

Founded in 2000, LONGi Solar has the pride of being the leading manufacturer of highly efficient monocrystalline solar panels and cells in the world. LONGi solar leads the solar industry and has reached new heights. Furthermore, they make it possible with their innovative products and breakthrough monocrystalline technologies.

Different products from Longi Solar

The leading manufacturer of the world now serves your needs for Solar panel is KSA via Power n Sun. Let us look at the brand’s offering for you.

  1. Longi Mono Perc 535W Mono-Crystalline Solar Module -LR5-72HPH-535M

All our Longi solar panels carry an excellent 10-year product warranty on them. In addition, it has a 25-year linear power warranty.

Find here the dimensions of the panel:

  • 2256×1133×35mm or 88.71×44.65×1.38 inch
  • Weight 32.3 kg


This Mono Perc 535W from Longi is a perfect choice for off-grid and grid-connected PV solar energy installations. If you look for maximum value for your investment, accordingly this selection of solar panel in Saudi Arabia suits well.


  • High quality and resistance.
  • Made up of polycrystalline silicon and comes with an anodized aluminum frame.
  • The operating temperature falls between - 40degree to +85degree
  1. Longi Bifacial Perc 535W Solar Module -LR5-72HBD-535M Bi-Facial

For the bifacial Perc cell type of Longi, the AI grid replaces the AI back surface of the field. Hence there is more rear-side transparency. In fact, it is very helpful for better light absorption. As a result, more electricity flows from both sides.

Product Dimensions

  • Dimension 2256x1133x35mm
  • weight 32.3kg

Description and applications

  • With Bifacial technology, you can enjoy harvesting additional energy from the rear side. This goes up to 25%.
  • Functions in lower operating temperature
  • Has reduced resistive loss
  • Can expect higher energy yield
  • Best solar panel price in Saudi Arabia with brilliant low irradiance performance
  1. Longi Mono Perc 450Wp Mono-Crystalline Solar Module -LR4-72HPH 450M

The Longi’s half-cut technology solar panel from Power n Sun gives you higher yields. In addition, it gives you the best worlds of lower temperature losses, reduced internal current losses, and better performance even during less light conditions.

Features and benefits

  • Unique design that delivers High Module conversion efficiency. You can expect up to 20.9%
  • Improved output with lower operating temperature
  • High resistance to PID with advanced cell technology
  • Higher output 25W-30W
  • Better sustainability and can withstand harsh environments

JA Solar

PowernSun Saudi Arabia is very glad to serve the client's demand for solar panel in Saudi Arabia with this prominent manufacturer. JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer around the globe.

The organization is widely popular for high-performance solar power products useful for residential, commercial, as well as for utility-scale power generation. This Chinese company was founded in 2005 and it is based in Shanghai in China. JA Solar holds the best name in the renewable energy technology world. Moreover, they are the innovator for high-efficiency solar panels.

Range of products from JA Solar

Power n Sun is your best choice, especially for the seekers of the best JA solar panel price in Saudi Arabia.

  1. JA Solar 535W MBB Half-cell Module -JAM72S30-535/MR

Looking to gain the great benefits of incredible 535WP power? It is possible with this 11 Bus-bar half-cell configuration of the module. Surprisingly these panels have better temperature-dependent performance. So, certainly, it is a perfect choice from JA solar. In addition, you can expect improved tolerance for mechanical loading.

  • This high-power output solar panel in KSA comes with a 12-year product warranty. Moreover, it also has an excellent 25 years warranty on linear power output.
  • Notable advantages of these panels are lower resistive losses, less shading, and Lower LCOE
  1. JA Solar 490W MBB Half-cell Module -JAM66S30-490/MR

For those looking for maximum advantages of power output from solar panels in Saudi Arabia, these half-cell configuration modules can be the optimal choice. Assembled with high-efficiency 11 BB and multi-busbar PERC cells, they are better temperature-dependent.


  • Dimensions - Width: 1,134mm and Height: 2,094mm
  • Higher Output Power and Lower LCOE
  • Gives Better mechanical loading tolerance
  • 12 Year Product Warranty
  • 25 Year Linear Output Warranty
  • 6% Module efficiency
  • Lower resistive loss and Less shading
  1. JA Solar 540W MBB Half-cell Module -JAM72S30-540/MR

This is the latest arrival of the 72 Cell range from JA Solar. The 11 Bus-bar half-cell configuration along with its affordable solar panel price in Saudi Arabia, gives you a brilliant power of 550Wp.

Whether you look for better temperature-dependent performance or superior tolerance for mechanical loading, JA Solar 540W MBB Half-cell Module is a great selection.

Features and benefits

  • Dimensions - Width: 2,279mm, Width 1134mm and Height: 1,134mm.
  • Weight 28.6kg
  • 9% module efficiency
  • Best advantages of 12-year product warranty and in addition, 25-year linear power output warranty
  • Equipped with QC4.10 connectors.
  • Less shading and lower resistive losses
  • The perfect option for isolated photovoltaic solar energy installations. Furthermore, it goes well for those connected to the electricity grid.

REC Solar

Being an international pioneer in the solar panel industry founded in 1996, Rec Solar is a global leader in delivering premium quality solar panels. It is one of the largest manufacturers in the arena of solar panels. This prominent manufacturer has its wings spread across Europe, Asia, the United States, and Australia.

With their innovative introduction of Alpha and Alpha-black series solar panels, REC stands ahead in the competitive market. These high-powered solar panels are considered excellent outputs from the manufacturer.

As you have decided to go solar, our solar panel in KSA from this top brand can be a great choice.

List of products from REC Solar

  1. REC Twinpeak 2SM Perc HC 375Wp Module - REC375TP2SM 72

TwinPeak 2S Mono 72 Series from REC Solar has an innovative design. The higher efficiency from these monocrystalline cells allows getting the most from the installation. If you expect superior performance at an affordable solar panel price in Saudi Arabia, this REC TwinPeak 2 should be on your list. Known for superior performance, the twin-panel design of the product makes it to new heights.

Moreover, the 144 half-cut technologies of monocrystalline PERC solar cells are assured to give higher efficiencies. Hence, you can expect more than 24 watts of power output per sq. meter. It is beyond the capacity of traditional technologies.

  • 20-year product warranty.
  • 25-year linear power output warranty.
  • 9% efficiency.
  1. REC Alpha72 445Wp Module - REC445AA72

Counted among the leading suppliers for solar panel in Saudi Arabia, Power n Sun offers a wide range of solar products from the world’s popular brands. And here is one more panel with higher efficiency, strength, and power. Whether you are intended to install for home or business, it is a cost-effective choice, yet very efficient solution.

Notable features of REC Alpha Series

  • A first-ever solar panel that blends the benefits of highly-efficient heterojunction cells
  • Solder-free cell connection technology,
  • Advantages of both the worlds of half-cut cells and Twin panel design for enhanced performance.
  • 20% more power from conventional installation.
  • This solar panel in KSA arrives at you with an industry-leading warranty.
  • 25-year power output warranty.
  • 25-year product warranty
  1. REC Alpha Black 355Wp Module - REC355AA

Best known for the cost-effective range of solar panel price in Saudi Arabia, now Power n Sun takes pleasure in letting you know about this highest power 60-cell solar panel. As a result, you are able to take the fullest advantage of the sun's solar energy. REC Alpha has the potential of delivering 20% more power. The excellent combination of 355 Wp 60-cell power and remarkable 217 W/m² makes this incredible power efficiency possible.

  • Stunning aesthetics of Full-black solar panels
  • A reinforced frame that bears snow loads up to 7000 Pa.
  • Leading power density of 217 watts/m², making it optimal for limited spaces
  • 25-year product warranty
  • 25 years Performance warranty
  1. REC Alpha60 370Wp Module - REC370AA

Power n Sun as a leader of quality solar panel in Saudi Arabia feels excited to let you know about this REC Alpha series from the award-winning family. The most powerful 60-cell solar panel in the world, this product gives you the maximum benefits of solar panel installation.

With the Heterojunction (HJT) Cell Technology, there are no power losses (No LID). As a result of this, you will get for what you pay. In addition, the temperature coefficient gives the benefits of more energy with the rise in temperature.

  • 20-year product warranty
  • 25-year linear power output warranty
  • Higher power for greater savings
  • Solder-free cells
  • Environmentally-friendly manufacturing solar panel in KSA


LG Solar

You know LG for its high-quality consumer electronics. It is also known for quality solar equipment. This includes solar panels and batteries. Since 1958 LG has had a prominent name in the field of manufacturing electrical goods. Now, in addition, it adheres to the most stringent quality control processes in its manufacturing of solar cells and solar modules.

LG solar panels are well-tested in their internal testing lab as per the IEC standards. Thus you get robust and long-lasting solar panels with reasonable solar panel prices in Saudi Arabia.

Types of panels from LG

  1. LG NeON 2 N-type 60Cell - LG350N1C-N5

Proudly known by the brand as the panel of the future, these LG NeON series are well appreciated for aspects such as lower degradation, longer warranties, etc. This powerful solar module can give you superior performance. These panels are boosted with a power rating of up to 355W. This great power range of solar panels is due to the use of larger size silicon wafers that cover more of the panel surface area. Therefore, it reduces exposed white back-sheet material surface, hence resulting in higher efficiency.

  • 25-Year Limited Warranty
  • Award-Winning Cello Technology
  • Attractive Roof Aesthetics
  • Solid Performance delivered on Sunny Days
  1. LG NeON 2 N-type 60Cell - LG355N1C-N5

This is one of the powerful as well as versatile solar panels in Saudi Arabia. Featuring Cello Technology of LG, this LG NeON 2 N-type 60Cell gives increased output. Besides an extended warranty, the buyers can have the benefits of reliability and higher performance.

  • Thinner wires appear all black gives excellent aesthetics
  • Improved performance warranty
  • High power output per square foot
  • Assured efficiency ranges - 93% Efficiency for 12 years
  • 1% Efficiency for 25 years
  1. LG MonoX plus 120 Half Cell 370Wp - LG370S1C-U6

This next-generation robust solar module from LG delivers you high efficiency and performance. Apart from a 15-year product warranty, your solar panel price in Saudi Arabia also gives you a 25-year performance warranty.

This LG Mono X Plus range of panels is lighter than competitors and henceforth leaves less strain on rooftops. Since you lessen your roof load, you can expect the roofs to last longer.

  • Cost-effective designs for commercial projects
  • Half-cut Cells in 120 Cell format. This means improved electrical parameters
  • lightweight in the installation allows having the benefit of BOS Saving
  • Design improvements assure you of improved durability.
  1. LG NeON® 2 410Wp -L5Mono N-type 72 cell Solar Module - LG410N2W-L5

If you like to save big by going solar, then this is the solar panel in KSA for you. Compared with its previous range of products, LG NeON 2 72 cell design gives you enhanced output efficiency. Thus this is a wise choice for limited spaces.

  • Reinforced frame design for outstanding durability
  • With an improved temperature coefficient, it can perform better on sunny days
  • High module efficiency
  • 08% efficiency after 25 years 
  • More cost-effective solar panel price in Saudi Arabia
  1. LG MonoX plus 144 Half Cell 445Wp - LG445S2W-U6

LG Mono X Plus solar products are extensively tested. Consequently, they assure you long-term operating reliability. And obviously, you can expect high performance even in a diverse range of challenging environments.

  • Lightweight modules
  • Efficiency: 20.2%
  • Excellent performance with premium Product Quality of LG
  • Great endurance

Ultimately, PowernSun Saudi Arabia is your best partner for a complete solution of solar panel in Saudi Arabia. Make the most of plentiful solar energy with our range of products from leading brands.

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