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The Power n Sun Active CSR Initiative


We are at the fountainhead of a brighter future, thanks to the advanced photovoltaic and solar thermal plants technologies that have empowered Solar Powered Renewable Energy like never before. Today, we can reach out to off-grid areas in different parts of the world, and solve bigger problems with more advanced solutions in agriculture, rural healthcare, rural education and the very quality of life of rural people.

The Power n Sun active CSR Initiative embraces all the core responsibilities that we will carry out, as we enter into new and larger corporate projects, so to facilitate the off-grid areas of the world see a new light with the Renewable Energy, at reduced cost and seamless convenience.

Our Mission

We are the dawn of our journey, and our mission is to incorporate the advanced solutions of Solar Energy into the life of general people, both on and off grid. We are looking forward to a better world, with a healthier environment. As we have the provision of this incredible source of energy, we are focused to work towards a total transition from conventional energy into solar based energy.

Moreover we will be incorporating and promotingare more nature respecting and sophisticated ways to manufacture and develop solar cells and solar thermal plans, making this system more and more reliable and lasting.

A Greener Future

Our work will not be constrained to solar projects alone. We will find new and innovative ways to bring together people, enterprises and societies, curate and procure as we can, to establish more and more ways to secure a greener future. This can be about planting more trees, or projects to install solar panels to homes and public service centers. We cordially invite ideas, projects, entrepreneurs and anyone that wants to work towards a greener future.