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Solar Supply Chain Managers in UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Asia, South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria

Solar Supply Chain Managers (SCCM)

Demand Aggregators – with an objective of making the solar power available at least cost, we have developed a software to consolidate the market demand and deal with manufacturers on bulk basis. o make the product available at best prices. Here you can place your demand online and we assure you to supply the key components at least possible cost.

Supply Chain Managers – the solar projects are delivered better when time, cost and Quality dimensions of solar projects are managed well. The supply chain principles and practices when applied to solar projects give far reaching results in reducing overall project cost. It is expected to have minimum 2-6% overall cost reduction in solar project.

Power n Sun meticulously plans and execute each and every aspect of solar project and ensure that it is delivered well before time, within the budget and at better quality.

We provide end to end supply chain services with Finance and without finance, applicable for above 3 MW projects.

Solar Supply Chain Managers