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Technology & Trends


Technology & Trends is a forum dedicated to Technical, Financial and Commercial trends in solar industry of Middle East. The Forum consists of professionals and prominent business and technology leaders. The objective is to create an interactive and neutral platform for quality discussion and learnings in a most simple & effective manner to accelerate the Solarisation in the region.

It is also an attempt to build a vibrant and focussed solar community ready to co-operate & collaborate for a larger objective. Technology & Trends is a non-profit forum, hence, all the events will be organised and managed accordingly. It addresses all the solar components which can influence the efficiency, Cost & Quality of Solar installations ranging from PV modules, Solar Inverters, Balance of Systems, Monitoring and Control systems.

The Technology & Trends will also be cooperating with DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) to support the Dubai Solar Show 2019 from 21st to 23rd Oct 2019, for creating a platform for new product launches, dedicated “Do It Yourself” workshops and Solar seminar during the Event DSS.

Moreover we will be incorporating and promotingare more nature respecting and sophisticated ways to manufacture and develop solar cells and solar thermal plans, making this system more and more reliable and lasting.

The Forum is meant for EPCs, Solar Consultants, Developers, Installers, System Integrators, Channel Partners and other solar aspirants. The forum membership is for the individuals and corporates through online process and acceptance. The other Corporate and manufacturing companies can be a partner member with nominal annual fees. The forum and the event will be managed and facilitated by Power n Sun as its CSR activity.